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Life Here

Do You Understand?

I recently said out loud to myself, "I don't even understand!" And then, I chuckled. I chuckled because it became clear to me - after many years, that it has always been that way. It is JUST LIFE.

Life keeps happening to me (for me?) no matter what I choose to do or say. Not only does life happen, but it also comes filled with choices! What? Are you telling me that I have to consciously choose?

Some days the fact that I must make conscious choices seems like a lot to ask for just being given the ability to have awareness, breathe, heal, feel, and all the other amazing things that are included in my life package... but ultimately, I must admit that I got what seems to be the "good" end of the stick; the best part of the deal.

So I've stopped trying to "figure life out" and I've put my energy into appreciating and making the best of whatever I get. Here's the mantra:

I thought it would be different - well, it's not. So what am I going to do with what I got?

That mantra takes a whole lot of poop out of the pot for me. I try desperately to remember what I thought I wanted, and then (if I still want it), I try to fashion what I got into that. Easy peasy, right? Well, not really but I wanted to say that phrase!

What I mean is, stop complaining so much. Embrace the challenge of life. Stay in appreciation for all the good that came with all the crap. All it takes is a lifetime of practice.

Thanks for reading. Come back often, and remember

Everything is Already Okay!

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